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Double HZS90 concrete mixing plant

Double HZS90 concrete mixing plant

Concrete mixing station series

Mixer model: double JS1500

Batching machine model: double PLD2400

Discharge height: 4.1m

Theoretical production capacity: 180m³/h

The dual-machine HZS90 concrete mixing plant is a mixing plant equipment with two mixing hosts. The host model is JS1500 compulsory mixer, and the batching machine model is PLD2400. It is a construction method of a fully automatic concrete mixing plant, which occupies less capital and occupies a small area. The material is discharged once in 60 seconds, and the theoretical productivity is 180m³/h.

整站部分 型号 双HZS90
理论生产率(m3/h) 90 * 2
标准出料高度(m) 4.1 
工作循环时间(s) 60
外形尺寸(mm)(长X宽X高) 51093x19100x21600
总装机容量(kw) 145 * 2
搅拌机部分 型号 JS1500 * 2
配料机部分 型号 PLD2400 * 2
气动系统 空压机型号 1.8-7
额定排气量(m3/min) 1.67 
额定排气压力(MPa) 0.8
电机功率(KW) 11
称重系统 砂石计量精度范围(kg)精度 +_2%
水泥计量精度范围(kg)精度 +_1%
水计量精度范围(kg)精度 +_1%
添加剂计量精度范围(kg)精度 +_2%