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SC200/200 construction hoist

SC200/200 construction hoist

Construction lifts

Rated load: 2000/2000kg

Rated lifting speed: 34m/min

Lifting height: 150m

Motor power: 11×3

The SC200/200 construction elevator is a gear and rack drive type elevator. After years of digestion, innovation and design, the new SC200/200 construction elevator/2 ton elevator has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient operation, convenient assembly and disassembly, beautiful appearance, and reliable work.

Standard section specifications: It can be divided into two specifications of 800×800×1508 and 650×650×1508. The structure has SCD dual-drive with counterweight; SC three-drive without counterweight, built-in type, top-mounted type and frequency conversion control, etc. Variety. The equipment is used for construction personnel and material transportation of high-rise buildings such as bridges, chimneys, and buildings over 260m. It can also be used as warehouses, docks, etc., for vertical transportation.

The company's newly developed micro-control automatic leveling device, floor wireless pager, overload voice alarm (available for users to choose). The device has complete functions. The three functions can be used individually, or can be combined and matched on a computer motherboard at any time to form a whole to realize automatic operation.

Regarding the price of the construction lift, please consult the phone number at the bottom of the website.

SC施工升降机型号 1.3米吊笼 1.5米吊笼
额定载重量 2000/2000kg 2000/2000kg
额定提升速度 34m/min 34m/min
提升高度 150m 150m
电机功率 11×3 11×3
防坠安全器 SAJ40-1.2 SAJ40-1.2
吊笼重量 1300kg 1500kg
电机功耗 13×3KVA 13×3KVA
标准节重量 150kg 150kg
吊笼净空尺寸(长×宽×高) 3000×1300×2450 3000×1500×2450
标准节尺寸(长×宽×高) 650×650×1508选配(800×800×1508) 650×650×1508选配(800×800×1508)